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What We Do

​We offer a One Stop Shop for Property Development but we specialise in carrying out Viability Appraisals.

A Viability Assessments is often requested by a council to
validate a planning application.


The purpose of the report is to comment on the economic
viability of the proposed development in light of the current market conditions
at the time of the report and to set out a proposal for the S106 obligations at
a level the scheme can support whilst remaining viable.


RICS define financial appraisals for planning purposes as:


An objective financial viability test of the ability of
a development project to meet its costs including the cost of planning
obligations whilst ensuring an appropriate site value for the landowner and a
market risk adjusted return to a developer in delivering a project’.


"Unless affordable housing is being provided on site and is following the fast track policy, you will need to submit a financ

Viability Assessments



Use Industry resources to produce comparable present & historic sales data to establish the Gross Development Value.



Development Appraisals 


The RICS definition is a “Development appraisal a financial appraisal of a development.”



Development Consultancy



With over 20 years’ experience developing property throughout the United Kingdom, we can help you.



Tourism Needs & Development Impact Assessment
Intends to provide an overview of the contribution that tourism makes to the UK economy, specifically focusing on a certain geographical region.
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