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​Development Consultancy 




of the Year

House Plan Review

Development Consultancy has functioned as a direct developer and consultant. Over a period of 25 years, they have honed skills and knowledge working on development projects in the private sector. This has covered mixed-use, town centre, residential and logistics developments from inception to delivery.

In the past few years, Development Consultancy have acted on numerous viability cases. The clients are primarily private sector developers & architects.

Worked closely with Housing Associations to deliver numerous units of affordable housing.

Consulted for financial institutions, private companies, and individuals and carried out viability assessments for five years for them.

We currently Liaise with Councils, Housing Associations & Planning Consultants throughout the UK. 

With years of experience in development and regeneration and involvement in numerous viability cases acting for the private sector makes them suitably qualified to comment/advise on matters relating to Viability in Planning.

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