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Discover Your Development's Full Potential.

As expert S106 Viability Consultant we help you navigate planning obligations strategically, optimize profits, and secure project approval with confidence.

S106 Viability Assessments

Viability Assessments


What is an S106 Viability Assessment?

An S106 Viability Assessment is a crucial step in ensuring your development project achieves its full potential.
It's essentially a comprehensive analysis of the project's financial health, considering both the potential profits and the costs associated with fulfilling planning obligations, particularly those related to affordable housing under Section 106 agreements.
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Why are S106 Viability Assessments Important?


By understanding the project's financial viability, you can:

Navigate Planning Approvals Smoothly.

Knowing realistic contribution levels helps in discussions with Local Planning Authorities (LPAs), leading to a more efficient approval process.


Optimize Profits.

A viability assessment helps identify areas where costs can be strategically reduced, maximizing your project's profitability.

Make Informed Decisions.

It empowers you to make informed choices about the project's design, scale, and features, ensuring it remains commercially viable.

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When to Get a S106 Viability Appraisal?

Starting your planning application with the right financial insights can help you negotiate better terms right from the outset.
So, best practice suggests including a viability report with your application, although later submissions are also accepted.
Because of this, we aim to turn around your assessment within 10 working days, equipping you with the necessary documentation to advance through planning negotiations or appeals smoothly.

Free Consultation

You can begin with a no-cost discussion to evaluate your project's specifics and potential challenges with Section 106 contributions. We’ll outline possible savings and provide a fixed fee quote, helping you understand the financial landscape without any initial investment.

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How We Work:

Our viability appraisals are designed to meticulously calculate the residual value of your property, ensuring the maximum profitability of your investment. Here’s how we do it:


Determine Gross Development Value (GDV):

We harness cutting-edge industry resources to access the most current and relevant sales data, both present and historic. This allows us to accurately establish your project's GDV, providing a solid foundation for financial projections.


Rigorous Benchmarking:

We meticulously benchmark the residual land value, considering every cost element. This thorough analysis not only sets the stage but also benchmarks your project against current market conditions, ensuring a competitive edge.


Calculate Build Costs:

Utilizing the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) data, we accurately estimate all construction expenses. This crucial step ensures no detail is overlooked, from materials and labor to indirect costs, solidifying your project’s financial framework.


Optimize Section 106 Contributions:

With our deep understanding of local planning requirements, we strategically calculate the optimal level of Section 106 contributions. Our goal is to balance compliance with maximizing your profitability, paving the way for a successful project approval.

Maximize Your Development's Profit. 

Contact us today to avoid unnecessary Section 106 expenses and optimize your development's economic potential.

Client Case Studies

Chorley, Case Study

Development Overview:

  • Project Type: New residential build.

  • Scope: 24 apartments, consisting of 17 one-bedroom and 7 two-bedroom units.

Local Planning Policy:

  • Authority: Chorley Council.

  • Requirement: 30% affordable housing, totaling 8 units as per local policy.

Consultancy Report Findings:

  • Economic Viability: A financial viability assessment demonstrated that requiring affordable housing contributions would make the project unfeasible.


  • Council Response: The council accepted the assessment, granting planning permission for 24 open market units without any affordable housing contributions.

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